HGTV’s hit show Rico to the Rescue helps turn construction nightmares into dream homes. If you’re stuck in a renovation that’s gone sideways, apply to be on the show and save your renovation!

Rico and his team save distressed renovations and, whenever possible, resolve issues between homeowners and their contractors. If you are cast to be on the show, we will help pay to rescue the renovation!


We want to hear your side of the story about what went wrong. Provide the names and ages of your household, location, and the issues and problems you’re having with your renovation. What is the budget and scope of work? What’s the current status of the job? What’s happening with you and your contractor? One of our producers will be in touch. We want to help!

NOTE: You and your home must be available for filming and renovating sometime during Spring through Fall 2024. You must own your own home or be able to get written permission from the homeowner to film and renovate the property. Ideal candidates will have at least some renovation budget (or be able to qualify for a home improvement loan) which our team will supplement. You must be at least 18 years of age and a U.S. resident to apply.

You will receive a confirmation and a follow up email immediately and a casting producer will be in touch with you soon.